Global Health, the role of diaspora community and others; 13th April 2019 @ London South Bank University from 10:00 a.m.

It should be noted that; the Tanzanian diaspora communities living in Europe and specifically in the UK do always contribute positively to their country of origin. This include but not limited to financial contributions/remittances from individuals to their families do help to alleviate poverty and therefore improve health in the communities back home.

The  diaspora community in a medical profession do play a big role in contributing to their country of origin through knowledge transfer, sharing and collaboration with institutions in the following areas: medical education, clinical care and research activities.

The community also contribute to public health amongst other things through knowledge sharing  by organising education activities/seminars in order to raise awareness in preventing and tackling non communicable diseases such as diabetes, mental health and substance abuse and addiction, cancer, stroke, maternal and child health. For example People of Black African origin are up to three times more likely develop type 2 diabetes than people White European origin

TUHEDA and Britain Tanzania Society (BTS) talk session is one of the first series of TUHEDA /BTS Health talks from  expert speakers from the medical diaspora communities and others addressing health related issues. This will raise health awareness among diaspora communities which will in turn encourage health living and help prevent diseases

The time has come for TUHEDA and BTS other medical diaspora communities to actively give back to their country of origin and to UK diaspora communities in coordinated and collaborative way. This lost brigade of healthcare professional and others from diaspora community are ready to march forward and commence their long awaited journey in accomplish their mission and vision of improving health globally. For further details, please click this Video link.

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