How is climate change affecting Tanzania now, and how prepared is it for future changes?

Jo Anderson from Carbon Tanzania will discuss “The potential for Climate Change action to deliver economic benefits for Tanzania”

The Paris Agreement on Climate Action allowed for all signatories to decide how they as nations could best contribute to mitigating the effects of dangerous human-induced climate change. Many tropical countries committed to reducing their emissions by dealing with land use, land-use change and forest loss. Tanzania itself has included reducing emissions from deforestation as a key element of their contribution, and in the past 18 months finance has increasingly become available for measurable actions to fulfill this end, with governments and multinational companies committing to “nature-based solutions” and “natural climate solutions”. However the process of securing this finance is complicated and as yet not completely set in stone, and forest nations are still working out how they can best secure finance to help them reduce deforestation and sustainably manage their natural environments. nearly 80% of Tanzania’s carbon emissions come from the land and forest sector, so there is a huge potential for the government, non-state actors and international organisations to bring finance to the country for results based forest conservation.
What needs to be in place for Tanzania to access this opportunity and what actors can be brought together to make it happen?
There will be another speaker, to be confirmed, a chance to ask questions and time for general discussion.All welcome!