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Seminar – Feeding a Growing Population: The Essential Contribution of Agriculture in Tanzania – October 2012

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This was arranged in partnership with the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tanzania.  Andrew Coulson summarised the debate between the proponents of large farms and those of small.  Monique Mikhail from Oxfam made the case that women are “female food heros”. Daniel Hulls, of AdDevCo, explained the Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania, which will be anchored around very large farms, but also relate to and provide access to markets for large numbers of small farmers. Professor Andrew Westby of Greenwich University spoke about the need to think of whole value chains: transport, storage, processing and manufacturing and not just production, and his special interest, cassava.

We have a short report on a seminar on agriculture from October 2012, together with copies of two powerpoint presentations (these are quite big!) on cassava and on Oxfam’s work on agriculture and a (pdf) presentation on the work of Ag DevCo.

Seminar – Health and HIV/Aids in Tanzania – March 2011

This well-attended seminar was organised by BTS with help from the Centre of African Studies at SOAS was chaired by BTS Chair, William Fulton. Basia Zaba, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, made a presentation about the epidemiology of HIV in Tanzania and Mike Jennings from SOAS spoke about the history of health care, missions and the voluntary sector in Tanganyika. A report on the seminar is available here, and Mike has kindly shared his paper as well.

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