Prosperity in Rural Africa? Changes over time in Tanzanian Villages

Do statistics on Tanzania's growth tell the full story about their urban/rural divide?

About this event

It is commonly believed that while Tanzania’s growth, measured by GDP, is amongst the highest in Africa, most of it is in urban areas. So inequality between urban and rural Tanzania is increasing. In rural areas small-scale agriculture and living standards are in decline. But it may not be so. The statistics do not take full account of assets – better houses, water supplies, transport links, schools, health centres, etc.

To explore this, Dan Brockington and Christine Noe identified researchers who worked in Tanzanian villages more than 20 years ago, and were willing to revisit them and see how they had changed. This research, available here , shows how in all but one village there were significant improvements in lives and living standards.

This webinar will explore these conclusions.

Speakers will include Christine, Dan and other researchers and practitioners involved, and will include a panel discussion and questions from the online audience.

The event will be chaired by Chair of Britain Tanzania Society, Paul Harrison, and everyone is welcome.

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