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The Britain Tanzania Society produces the highly regarded bulletin Tanzanian Affairs, which is sent free of charge to members. It is published three times a year, in January, May and September.

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Posted: 1 May 2017
War on Drugs Takes Worrying Twist World Bank President in Tanzania New Footprints Found at Laetoli Obituaries Elly Macha and Sir Andy Chande Book Reviews A pdf of the issue can be downloaded here

Posted: 30 April 2017
by Ben Taylor At the start of February, the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Paul Makonda, embarked on a high-profile anti-drugs campaign. Makonda has long been a controversial figure. He held prominent roles in the CCM Youth Wing and was accused of disrupting a public meeting in 2014 at which Justice Warioba was due to […]

Posted: 30 April 2017
CCM reforms and disciplinary measures The CCM National Congress approved a series of changes to the party’s constitution. The major changes include a reduction of members of the party’s top organs, a reduction of party meeting frequencies and the abolition of unconstitutional posts. The party’s National Executive Committee now has 163 members, down from 388, […]

Posted: 30 April 2017
Additional footprints belonging to a group of early humans have been uncovered in Laetoli, Tanzania, dating from 3.6 million years ago. The prints were made when five of our ancient ancestors walked across wet volcanic ash. The 13 footprints were discovered by an international group of researchers, led by Sapienza University in Rome. The researchers […]

Posted: 30 April 2017
by David Brewin President Magufuli spent his first very active few months in charge after his election dealing with major matters at home. Now the tireless president has begun taking time to deal with foreign relations, particularly foreign financial relations. The results are already beginning to be seen. China He has begun by ‘looking East’ […]

Posted: 30 April 2017
by Ben Taylor Jim Kim in Tanzania: World Bank to lend $2.4bn The World Bank President, Dr Jim Yong Kim, visited Tanzania in March, promising $2.4bn worth of loans for infrastructure projects in Tanzania over the next three years. As part of a ceremony to lay a foundation stone for a new “flyover” interchange at […]

Posted: 30 April 2017
by Roger Nellist Controversial Presidential actions on mining In the last few months President Magufuli has issued decrees on a range of mineral matters, which are unsettling some mining investors and causing a big local stir. Last year he ordered the revocation of a large-scale mining licence in Shinyanga in favour of the award of […]

Posted: 30 April 2017
by David Brewin The prolonged drought Although Tanzania may have suffered less than several neighbouring countries, the prolonged drought which has hit the East African region has caused serious problems for the agricultural industry. Most of Tanzania has experienced inadequate rains at the end of last year and irrigation farming has suffered particularly badly. The […]

Posted: 30 April 2017
by Mark Gillies The past few months have been a quiet time for Tanzanian tourism and conservation with no new crises to face, but plenty of on-going struggles. Perhaps with an eye to the potential damage done to the Tanzanian tourism industry by cost increases of 2016, the Tanzanian Tourism Board was reported by ATC […]

Posted: 30 April 2017
by Enos Bukuku Signs the constitutional review process is to be revived? A few months ago, it appeared that President Magufuli had abandoned any plans for the government to imminently revive the process of creating a new constitution. However, he recently appointed two former Constitution Review Commission (CRC) members, Humphrey Polepole and Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, […]