The Arusha Declaration @50 – 24th February 2017

Date: 24th February, 2017

Location: 50 George Square Project Room, 1.06, The University of Edinburgh

To mark the 50th anniversary of Tanzania’s Arusha Declaration in February 1967, the Centre of African Studies and the Global and Transnational History Research Group at the University of Edinburgh  hosted a one-day workshop on the theme ‘The Arusha Declaration @50’ on Friday 24 February 2017.

The workshop brought together academics from across the UK and Tanzania providing an interdisciplinary forum for discussion on the broad theme of implications of the Arusha Declaration on contemporary Tanzanian politics, economic development, education and social media. There was an amazing range of speakers, from those who had worked closely with Nyerere at the time, to those discussing the implications for Tanzanian politics today.  There are some slides from the conference, and Ralph Ibbot and Kenneth King’s presentation here, and you can also find out more on Twitter at #ArushaDeclaration.

See also BTS Facebook Arusha Declaration@50 on Facebook

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