Economic Growth, Rural Assets and Prosperity: Exploring Changes over 20 Years in Tanzania – February 2016

Time and Date: 22 February  2016 5.15 pm

Venue: SOAS Main Building, Russell Square, 4th Floor

Speaker: Professor Dan Brockington, Director of the Sheffield Institute for International Development which “promotes a vision of international development as a struggle for social justice and a space for activism and engagement”. Before that he was Professor of Conservation and Development at the University of Manchester. Most of his research has been in rural Tanzania.

Many measures of poverty suggest that recent economic growth has benefitted a fortunate few, but not many of the worst off, particularly in rural areas. Professor Brockington will present a different picture. His work, based on revisiting households first visited in the early 1990s, suggests that many of the poorest households are now much better off than they were. It does not, however, follow that these improvements are due to GDP growth. If so this has important implications for agricultural and anti-poverty policies in rural areas.

Read the full report.


BTS AGM: Tanzania and Extractives – Another Twist? – November 2014

Date : 15 November 2014

Venue : Central Hall Westminster

The speaker at the AGM, Alan Roe, gave an update of the situation regarding mining and the possible exploitation of natural gas discovered off-shore in Southern Tanzania. He showed how minerals, especially gold, had not made a big difference to Tanzania’s GDP but had, since about 2000 made a bid difference to its earnings of foreign exchange. Much more was expected from the more recent discoveries of natural gas.

This presentation took place before the dramatic falls in world prices of oil and natural gas. The present position in Tanzania is much less clear.

Alan’s talk was summarised in Tanzanian Affairs.

His slides, including graphics and data, are here tanzania_and_extractives_2014.

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