3 countries, 3 time zones, 3 spaces – one Crowd and one Party to Map Tanzania – 7th May, 2016

Date and Time : 7th May , 2016 09:00 – 20:00

Venue : Google Campus in London, Buni in Dar es Salaam and Technarium in Vilnius

Crowd2Map Tanzania was one of 7 projects selected in the Open Seventeen challenge, which rallies the public to use open data as a means of achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as proposed but the UN in September 2015! Partners are Citizen Cyberlab, The GovLab, ONE and SciFabric! As part of the project we are organizing a triple mapping day in Dar+London+Vilnius.
This was a fun female-friendly competition-hackathon between the three “camps”, all compared the results at the end, and bridge techies in the 3 locations via video conference and chat throughout the event across locations. This was coupled with a “challenge” in Tanzania, e.g. three areas/schools/villages competed between themselves, i.e. who added the most resources. 
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Community Development – April 2014

Date : 18 April 2014

This was built around an illustrated presentation by Julian Marcus, Chairman of the Tanzania Development Trust, who had recently returned from a visit to many of the small projects supported by the Trust.  Many in the audience were themselves involved with small development projects, and the discussion allowed a valuable exchange of experience and ideas, not least to ensure that, as far as possible, money gets spent where it is supposed to be spent.

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