Horticultural Products Export from Tanzania to EU Markets – 19th June 2017

Date : Monday, 19th June 2017

Time : 5pm – 7pm

Location : Room 4429, School of Oriental and African Studies, Russell Square, London  WC1H 0XG

The Britain Tanzania Society in Partnership with the School of Oriental & African Studies held a seminar on how to link AGRI- businesses in Tanzania with EU markets.

PETRONILLA MLOWE  FRSPH MCIEH spoke about the great potential that Tanzania has to produce fruits and vegetables, and to export them to all parts of the world.  But at the present time less than 20% of this production is exported. To increase this will require many changes in Tanzania – better roads, better storage, better agricultural practices, more facilities at ports and airports, and professional exporters or cooperatives who can assemble products in bulk and get the benefits of cheaper freight costs for large consignments. It will also need a good understanding of the documentation that has to travel with a consignment coming into the EU, and the tests that may be undertaken by plant health officers at ports and airports. If a consignment is contaminated with pathogens, or does not meet the agreed high quality, it may be rejected, and then there will be no money to pay the farmers.

To look at her slides, go to Mlowe slides


PEREZ OCHIENG CEO Sacoma  spoke about the need for up to date market information, and the need for suppliers to respond quickly to changes in prices. It needs much more attention to quality, from top to bottom of the supply chain. For example, with a sample of sweet potatoes, 80% were rejected because of the way they had been harvested (marks from jembes meant that the product would quickly deteriorate) and transported. That was heart-breaking for the farmers. It takes time to develop a new market – sometimes several years – and very good knowledge of modern packaging products.

This event was live-streamed – go to   https://www.periscope.tv/jachapman82/

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About the speakers:
Petronilla is a Senior Food Safety Officer in a UK local Government, a trainer, and a consultant. She a member of the  BTS Executive Committee, and is a promoting a conference on Food Safety in Dar es Salaam on 12th & 13th October 2017. For information on this, email mwakatumap@gmail.com or  Tel: +44 (0) 7720246480:


Perez is the Chief Executive Officer or SACOMA, a UK-based NGO that promotes business opportunities, especially in agriculture, for the diasporas living in the UK. Email: perez.sacoma@gmail.com. Tel: +44 (0) 7764961489


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