Tanzania Development Trust


The Tanzania Development Trust

TDT was established as a registered UK charity in 1975 with the aim of alleviating poverty in Tanzania through assistance with projects in health, water supply, education and community based self help activities.

It allocates money to small projects in the most deprived parts of Tanzania.

There are no administrative costs charged by TDT – all inputs are on a voluntary basis.

Most grants are for less than £6,000.  They must meet searching criteria set out in the funding guidelines. They must be able to demonstrate good prospects of long-term sustainability – we do not normally pay for recurrent or running costs. Nor do we normally support moveable items, such as vehicles.

Project applications must be able to demonstrate community support in Tanzania, and include detailed estimates and projections. Applications that meet our criteria are then passed to experienced project officers, all of whom have experience of rural development in Tanzania, and relevant local knowledge as well as technical backgrounds. Projects are also visited by our local Tanzanian representatives on the ground in the most deprived parts of the country. This combination of technical appraisal in the UK and visits on the ground have enabled us to eliminate most of the fraudulent applications we receive, and also to check that estimates are realistic and cost-effective. Projects that survive all these processes and are recommended for acceptance are considered by the TDT committee which meets three times a year.

In 2013, in a one-off departure from our usual practice, we supported the construction of a safe house for girls at risk of Female Genital Mutilation, in Mugumu, Musoma Region. More than £200,000 was raised in a short space of time, and the safe house quickly proved its worth with more than 150 girls arriving within the last few months.

You can also donate to the trust though our Just Giving page

Funding guidelines