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BTS President: Ali Hassan Mwinyi

BTS Vice Presidents: Derek Ingram, Esther Mwaikambo, Liz Fennell, Ron Fennell and Trevor Jaggar

BTS Chair: Andrew Coulson, Mail:

BTS Vice Chair: Petronila Mlowe, Tel: 07720246480, Email:

BTS Executive Secretary: Tessa Most, Tel: 02392347021, Mail:

BTS Treasurer: Gabriel Mgambwa, Tel: 07968851007, Mail:

BTS Membership Secretary: John Wood, Tel: 01432850543, Mail:

BTS Education Group Convener: Janet Chapman, Mail:

BTS Seminar Organiser: Janet Chapman, Mail:

Tanzanian Affairs Editor: Ben Taylor, Mail: ben.d,

Tanzanian Affairs Co-editors: Donovan McGrath and Jacob Knight

BTS Newsletter Editor: Sue Mitchell, Tel: 02036651144, 33 Viola Ave, London SE2 0TQ, Mail:

BTS Website Editor: Alex Paurine, Mail:

For those of you on LinkedIn, please join the Britain Tanzania Society group for further information on BTS and TDT and opportunities for discussion…

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BTS Tanzania Chapter

Chair: Paul Rupia

Vice Chair: Cuthbert Kimambo, Mails:,

Executive Secretary (Acting): Rita Mkama, Mail: